Downloading VS Code

Visual Studio Code

We will be using Visual Studio Code as our IDE. "IDE" stands for "integrated development environment" — a software application that has built-in features and extensions that supports software developers as they code. It is essentially a text editor or word processor for code.

VS Code (for short) is another Microsoft project. It is also not without valid critiques and criticisms. VS Code has become very popular among software developers in the past few years, and is a programming language agnostic option that has many features available (Git integration, terminal, etc). It is free to use.

If you already have another IDE or code editor that you prefer, you are welcome to use that instead.

Download Visual Studio Code

Navigate to and download the version of Visual Studio Code that is appropriate for your operating system.

If you need additional support, you can read through the Getting Started guide.

Once you download VS Code, open the program and open the folder of this repository that you cloned from GitHub.